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Who We Are

Weather Barrier has been manufacturing the highest quality liquid applied roofing and waterproofing systems for the past three decades. Weather Barrier utilizes an exclusive waterborne hisynthetic rubber acrylic urethane technology.

Because of this technology Weather Barrier systems have the most tenacious adhesion to a wide variety of substrates, exceptional tensile strength, extreme temperature flexibility and provides long lasting waterproofing in extreme climates. Weather Barrier products have restored and waterproofed millions of square feet of pitched and low sloped roofs since 1979. When a roof restoration is completed with our liquid applied system you have a monolithic (seamless) roof, no leaks and a light color roof that will cool the temperature of the roof by 70 degrees or more.

When you need a roof or wall coating in a specific color..there is nothing that provides longer performance than our WB 1650 Synthetic Rubber Acrylic Urethane.Weather Barrier has been providing our customers roof and wall coatings in specific colors that holds up longer than anything on the market. We accomplish this through the acrylic aliphatic urethane in our coating which we custom grind each color pigment into our finished product to provide exceptional color retention.

Our History

Weather Barrier is owned and operated by Haley Paint Company. Below is the history of Haley Paint and Weather Barrier.

In 1913, Joseph A. Finnaren and Daniel J. Haley decided to venture into their own business. Dan Haley was manager of Gillingham Paint Store at 12th and Passyunk Ave. in South Philadelphia. Joe Finnaren was a traveling salesman for Union Oil. The original capital to start the business was $225.00 hard-earned dollars and the desire to make it a success.

At a time when paint was often sold in drug stores, Finnaren & Haley began to manufacture and market paint from their own store at 1212 North 60th Street in Philadelphia. Customers would bring their own containers, often empty tomato or soup cans and request a dime or quarter worth of paint. The paint would be mixed for each customer by combining white pigments, linseed oil, a drying agent, and, if a colored paint was desired, they would add a natural pigment, such as treated iron, or charred horse bones.

Just three years later, in 1916, Finnaren & Haley had to move their operation to larger quarters. The new location at 60th and Thompson Streets in West Philadelphia, would become the corporate headquarters of Finnaren & Haley, “the paint and glass people” for the next fifty-five years.

By 1917, there were four Finnaren & Haley stores in Philadelphia. By 1920 Finnaren & Haley was incorporated. The depression was difficult for all small businesses and hit Finnaren & Haley, Inc. with intensity. The four stores, opened in 1917, remained the only Finnaren & Haley paint stores until after World War II.

Finnaren & Haley paint stores multiplied during the ’60s and ’70s, the high standards demanded of both the company’s product and its employees never wavered.

The company’s volume continued to expand requiring the manufacturing plant to be relocated to larger facilities in Conshohocken, Pennsylvania in 1965.

By the early part of the 1970s, both Joseph, Jr. and Charles Finnaren had died, and the Haley family purchased all interest in the Finnaren & Haley firm.

Through the 70’s, 80’s, and 90’s Finnaren & Haley experienced continued growth and expansion throughout the Greater Delaware Valley market. Eventually the company had 28 locations in Pennsylvania, Delaware and New Jersey.

Weather Barrier products were developed in the mid 70’s by 3 Polymer chemists from Union Carbide. They were confident back then that there was a bright future for lightweight liquid applied monolithic roof coatings. Haley Paint purchased the worldwide rights to Weather Barrier in 1992. Haley Paint took their 80 plus years of manufacturing and formulating experience and broadened the Weather Barrier line and made it what it is today.

Weather Barrier has been protecting roofs around the world in all different types of climates for decades, from the harsh sun in St. Croix to the extreme cold weather in Nova Scotia.

Weather Barrier’s synthetic rubber acrylic urethane technology is unlike anything on the market today. Tenacious, flexible, rubber-like, reflectant are just a few words that describe our coatings. Weather Barrier has been setting the roof coatings standard with this type of technology since its inception in the 70’s.