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Self Storage Facility Restoration

Imron polyurethane is the industry leader of automotive finishes when it comes to gloss and color retention. Developed by dupont. This patented technology has unparalleled performance properties. Weather Barrier has been selling Imron since 1986. We have been able to document the long range gloss and color retention of Imron on steel structures because we supplied the Imron on these jobs Picture of Dorney Park roller coaster coated in 1998 Picture of the Alpo water tank coated in 1991.

The confidence in the performance of these jobs and the advanced experience of Weather Barrier application specialist allows us to extend a 15 year warranty against gloss and color fade on self storage structures. Weather Barrier has a system that doesn’t require a new coat of paint every 5 to 7 years. A system that is about 1/3 the cost of new doors.


Self Storage Metal Building & Roof Waterproofing

IMG_1019Sometimes snow and ice can stick around a little longer than planned. Weather Barrier no longer recommends latex acrylic elastomeric white coatings on metal roofs. The acrylics are prone to swelling and peeling once they have been exposed to lengthy periods of snow,ice or ponding water.