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Advanced Corrosion Protection of Transportation and Storage Vessels


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Water based high ratio zinc silicate (WB-HRZS)

Weather Barriers WB-HRZS is a state of the art NASA developed 100% water based zinc silicate coating that adheres to metal as a chemical bond. This coating will not undercut by corrosion even in the most severe marine and atmospheric weathering conditions. When damaged, the WB-HRZS will continue to provide protection healed completely by sacrificial action.

WB-HRZS will provide both cathodic and barrier protection and can be used as a single coat system or as a primer for weather barrier polyaspartic top coats that provide extreme gloss and color retention.

Weather Barrier PLY – Guard Polyaspartic

WB-HRZS can be top coated with Weather Barrier PLY guard polyaspartic in as little as 2 hours and has exceeded 13,000 hours salt spray testing in a corrosion chamber. The performance of this system to salt corrosion, chemical attack, abrasion and impact can not be exceeded by other systems on the market. Now the polyaspartic adds gloss and color retention to this “Best in Class” high performance zero voc system.